Yas 9pcs non-Stick Set

Brand: Pooyanmehr
Price: 0 Iranian Rial (Discontinued)
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Pooyanmehr cookware set is easy to sanitize and scratch resistant. This cookware set lets you cook a variety of dishes with ease. The Pooyanmehr cookware set features an aesthetically pleasing design that goes well with any kitchen decoration. Its strong build and premium quality granite material offer long lasting durability. Furthermore it sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip. This Pooyanmehr cookware set allows you to cook a variety of dishes like pancakes, dosas, crepes and much more. Furthermore, the frying pan is ideal for an omelet, sautéing vegetables and frying fish. This cookware set features three deep pots, one shallow pot, and one frying pan. Available in a pink finish, this Pooyanmehr cookware set is easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Reliable and User Friendly

The Pooyanmehr cookware set is made from superior quality granite material that lasts longer as compared to standard cookware. The handles are durable and well insulated to protect you from burns.

Lightweight and Easy to Maintain

The Pooyanmehr cookware set is simple to clean and comfortable to maintain. Furthermore, this cookware set is extremely lightweight in construction. This cookware set is best suited for daily use.

Yas 9pcs non-stick set

Inculde: 9 Pieces

Type Size Handle Lid Quantity
Pot 28 2 Glass Lid 1x
Pot 24 2 Glass Lid 1x
Pot 20 2 Glass Lid 1x
Pan 28 2 - 1x
Milk Pot 16 1 Glass Lid 1x

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