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Grilling meat and vegetables is one of the great pleasures of cooking that almost every woman wants to be artistic in this cooking method. Of course, grilled foods can be ordered from restaurants in almost any shape and taste and at different prices, but it is your choice to cook these delicious and special foods with your loved ones and enjoy cooking at home. Children love to experience and learn, be sure to see that their parents have prepared the same delicious and special restaurant food for them at home; They will be very excited.

Important tips for grilling

Grilling is a method commonly used to quickly cook meat and vegetables. There are different tools for this, from metal nets to ovens or barbecue devices, etc., but the important thing is, which device can you use inside an apartment house? Grill pans are the best option for this method.

Red meat steak or chicken breast, pizza, eggplant, different types of fish and vegetables are a list of delicious and special dishes that you can easily prepare at home with one experience, remember that every skill needs experience and be sure that one One of the secrets of preparing grill food is this experience and courage.

Prepare the food according to one of the recipes you have. There are different recipes for different types of food and each recipe offers different tips depending on the type of ingredients, but what we want to share with you as our experience is:

۱- To prepare meat steak and grill meat ingredients, be sure to set aside a few hours for the meat to rest or, so to speak, put the meat to sleep in a variety of sauces and a mixture of onions, salt, pepper and saffron. The use of these ingredients makes the pieces of meat, while cooking better, get a unique aroma and taste, and they are crispy and delicious like restaurant food.

۲- Cut thin pieces of meat for this, don’t forget that thick pieces often burn before they are cooked, and this definitely endangers your health. Also, in the first times, you can check your meat several times while cooking to make sure of its cooking level, usually the softness and firmness of the meat indicates its cooking level.

۳- For grilling different vegetables, always try to use fresh vegetables so that their nutritional value is preserved and you can experience the unique taste of grilled vegetables.

۴- Spices also work wonders in grilling vegetables, don’t forget them.

۵- Vegetables need less time to be grilled and you should not cook vegetables too much because their properties will be lost!

Preparing food in grill pans

Heat the granite pan on medium-high heat, use very little oil to grease the pan.
With the uniform distribution of heat, Ooze granite pans cause the brain to cook and cook food evenly. The granite layer in Ouz aluminum pans, while bearing the temperature, provides you with excellent temperature control, and this prevents the food from sticking and changing the shape of the food.
Studies have shown that cooking meat, chicken and fish at high temperatures can lead to the formation of heterocyclic amines, benzopyrenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carcinogenic. Therefore, it should be noted that grilling meat should never be done at a high temperature

Grilling meat in the direct heat of the fire, when the meat juice drips, creates smoke and toxic gases, which definitely endangers our health. Never let even a small piece of meat get burnt or charred. Be sure to separate these parts when serving. Therefore, grill pans are the best method for easy use in residential homes.

The 98.5% aluminum sheet with a thickness of 4 mm used in the hanging pan is very resistant and lasts for a long time.
The square shape of the grill pans gives you more space for cooking. The accumulation of heat in the corners of the Ouz square pan causes better heat transfer and accelerates the cooking time.
Grill Ouse pans are designed with suitable grooves, which are designed to create brown roast lines on grilled meat and vegetables, to create the shape and form of grilled foods on the barbecue and oven.
This pan has a handle in the middle of the sets made of fireproof bakelite made in Turkey (resistant to indirect heat up to 120 degrees Celsius).
GrillOise pans have two separate oil grooves (on both sides) of the pan that give you more control to remove the oil. It also prevents the oil from overflowing to the outside of the pan and burning the oil.
The silicone colors used in the granite pans of Ouiz, besides being beautiful and eye-catching, are resistant to heat and do not change color.
The appropriate weight and thickness of these pans, while considering your comfort, are designed for high strength and non-fragility, which keep the heat inside for a longer time.

Other positive points of grill pans

ease of use
Ease of washing
Beautiful and stylish and beautiful design
Easy operation
The price is right
Appropriate height in both cases


And finally, one of the most delicious and useful foods that can be tasted is the special and different foods of Greeley. Therefore, it is better to learn how to grill food in the right way to keep yourself and your family healthy. With our product guarantee, our collection always tries to bring you a smile of satisfaction and happiness by providing suitable dishes to our new and many-year-old customers. Ooze granite grill pans create a delicious food grilling experience that you will repeat over and over again.

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